Saliva Hormone Testing

Have you ever felt so angry you couldn’t see straight? Or found yourself weeping at a television commercial without really knowing what you were crying about? Maybe you have experienced terrible fatigue, even after sleeping a solid eight hours? Or weight gain, even though your diet/exercise regimen has stayed exactly the same? You could be experiencing a hormone imbalance. Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body. Our hormones control everything from our appetite to our sleep, our metabolism to our sex drives. Hormones also talk to one another, so when one hormone changes abnormally it will often cause a ripple effect in other hormone levels.

As a practitioner, finding ways to restore hormone balance is an integral part of restoring optimal health. To do this effectively, it is often necessary to get an accurate picture of where hormone levels are to begin with. That is why I love to order saliva hormone testing. Few other diagnostic tests offer so much information. From the same saliva samples, we can test levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol (the primary stress hormone). Blood and urine hormone testing will test for total hormone levels, but will not differentiate bioavailable hormone levels. Saliva, on the other hand, reflects only levels of active hormones and paints a much more accurate picture of what may be manifesting clinically. It is also the only type of testing that will show changes in hormone levels when using a topical hormone treatment.

Saliva hormone testing is a great way to diagnose adrenal fatigue/stress, estrogen dominance, low testosterone, progesterone deficiency, and PCOS. Once initial levels are determined, a very individualized treatment plan can be designed to balance hormone levels. If you want to navigate an effective strategy for hormone balancing, I highly recommend starting with a comprehensive saliva hormone test.

Saliva Hormone Testing is an ideal starting place if you are experiencing:

– Weight Gain – Fatigue – Hot Flashes – Abnormal Menstrual Cycles – High Stress – Acne
– Abnormal Hair Growth – Anxiety – PMS – Infertility – Irritability – Night Sweats