Dr. Ilana Goldberg, DC

Holistic Health Provider

Dr. Ilana Goldberg, DC, is a holistic health provider and functional medicine practitioner. Dr. Goldberg is also a sought after speaker, especially on the topics of functional medicine, hormone balancing, stress management, weight loss, and natural approaches to a healthy body. Her own experience with serious disease (she was diagnosed with MS in 2006) shaped her desire to practice natural holistic medicine without the use of drugs or surgery. An alumna of the College of William and Mary, Dr. Goldberg attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, OR. After graduating in 2001, she has devoted her practice to helping people find natural solutions to complicated health issues.

Dr. Goldberg has given seminars and radio programs across the country on the topics of natural wellness, preventative healthcare, and optimal health. She has done extensive post-doctoral coursework in a wide range of techniques and therapies and is a regularly featured writer in Your Health Magazine.

Using comprehensive and state of the art diagnostic testing to identify the underlying root causes, Dr. Goldberg designs individualized treatment plans to reach optimal health. She is passionate about educating her patients on the source of their issues and empowering them to restore their physical and mental well-being.

Dr. Ilana Goldberg, D.C., serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and

Washington D.C.

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