Dr. Ilana Goldberg, DC is consistently voted one of the top alternative health practitioners in Northern Virginia

Functional medicine (sometimes called integrative medicine or holistic healthcare) is a deeper and more comprehensive approach to healing. It looks to treat the underlying issues: hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, chronic infections, autoimmune activity, nutritional deficiencies, emotional/ physical stress, trauma, metabolic obstacles, neurotransmitter irregularities, compromised detoxification, genetic variants, etc.

Too often in our current healthcare model, appointment times get shorter and shorter as doctors rely on cookbook like solutions to manage symptoms. This often results in one prescription medication following another, and may never actually find or treat the underlying problem.

By using the most advanced diagnostic testing to identify the root causes, a completely personalized treatment protocol is designed using combination of nutritional supplements, herbal/botanical medicine, therapeutic eating plans, and lifestyle modification.

You can change your health, you can change your life.

Treatments and services often include a combination of acupressure, individualized nutrition counseling, exercise testing, blood work, hormone testing, and supplements. 

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Dr. Ilana Goldberg, DC was voted one of the top alternative health practitioners in Northern...

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Dr. Goldberg is literally the best functional medicine doctor I've ever worked with. I thought I was in reasonably good health when I saw her, mostly because I had started to live with the fatigue and rollercoaster thyroid labs I thought was part of getting older or just how my body functions. Well, within a matter of 30 minutes Dr. Goldberg had a few theories she wanted to test out that had to do with seemingly unrelated estrogen and cortisol levels, as well as ideas to get me back to better health. A few inexpensive labs, supplements, and exercise changes later and I'm already feeling better. Most importantly: I'm back to feeling in control of my well-being! I gotta say, though, this doc is unbelievably caring and patient. In addition to her knowledge and experience that's what makes her the best patient advocate.
- Sarah S.
Sarah S. ,
After a year-long journey of intermittent inpatient stays for severe depression and anxiety symptoms despite being on SSRIs and other medications, I found a holistic provider who would listen to the fact that my symptoms followed my hormone cycle -- Ilana Goldberg.  Thank God she knew what she was doing! I want to get the word out to all women with mental health issues to get a women’s health/holistic provider like Ilana who listens to you, will recommend bloodwork AND be able to interpret the levels correctly.  It could keep you out of the hospital, save your marriage, and/or give you a daily balanced standard of life you may have thought was not possible for you. Well, it is. Don't give up on seeking answers!
- Patient
Kind, gentle, smart, gracious, and ready to converse about whatever ails you-----these are some of the characteristics of this superb chiropractor! I have been with her for about 2 years and intend to stay with her for life. Dr. Goldberg uses a variety of methods to treat clients, including hot laser and targeted massage, and she knows exactly which of her many talents to use depending on what the client reveals and her solution to the given issue. When you're with her for treatment, she is there solely for you----not moving between rooms taking care of 3 clients at the same time (which I've experienced). Once Dr. Goldberg gets to know you and your issues, you can be assured you will get the appropriate treatment. I value Dr. G's expertise and her gentle manner in providing her talents to make her clients feel better. Additionally, she is also very well versed in nutrition and healthful diets and provides advice in those areas. Her website will amaze you! You'll see for yourself what makes this magnificent professional so good!
- Carl B.
Dr. Goldberg is an excellent chiropractor. She was recommended to me when I had been through months of physical therapy and acupuncture which had not resolved the pain in my back, hip and legs. Through her careful adjustment (gentle and conservative) and massage, laser heat and counseling, my pain was finally gone. I have continued to see her for a subsequent fall and other joint problems. I always look forward to her help and curative abilities. I recommend her to my family and friends on a regular basis.
- Bobbi S.
Dr. Goldberg is awesome. She is a very gifted and highly experienced alternative medicine practitioner. She puts you at ease and really explains her course of action to you very well. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to overcome pain, weight issues, and just to get overall health and wellness.
- Diana M.
Dr. Goldberg is the best! She has helped many people in my family and always has a great attitude and is extremely knowledgeable and genuine. I recommend her to everyone and completely trust her opinion and advise. Definitely go see her, you will not be disappointed!
- Nicole S.
Ilana is incredibly intelligent, calm, loving, and gentle. I learned so much from her and she helped resolved some underlying stressors in my life/body and recommended a holistic approach to calamity. I'd highly recommend seeing her.
- Erica M.

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