Nutrition Counseling Near Alexandria, VA


Did you know that changing your diet can help improve your overall health? True Health offers nutrition counseling near Alexandria, Virginia, and the nearby areas. Dr. Ilana Goldberg is passionate about providing solutions that meet your body’s unique needs.

Transform Your Health With Nutrition Counseling

A functional medicine approach to healthcare promotes holistic solutions that work with the body rather than against it. Many people are tired of living with chronic symptoms that most doctors dismiss with prescription medications. Listening to your body and understanding your unique needs can transform your health. 

Dr. Goldberg uses nutrition counseling to help people understand their unique health and wellness needs. Adjusting your diet with the right combination of food can offer many benefits:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved gut health
  • Regulated blood sugar levels
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Healthier skin, hair, and nails
  • Reduced bloating and fatigue

Dr. Goldberg uses diagnostic, lab, and hormone testing to determine the source of health issues. She may also include exercise and supplements in your personalized nutrition plan. Combining techniques and scientifically proven methods can create the right solution for your healing journey. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Nutrition Counseling

Check out a few of our most commonly asked questions below to learn more about nutrition counseling.

1. What Is Nutrition Counseling?

Working with a certified and experienced practitioner can help you understand the source of chronic health issues. Dr. Goldberg has many years of experience assisting people to change their eating habits and move to positive results. She will meet with you and learn about your unique health needs. Underlying medical conditions can keep your body from absorbing necessary nutrients. Dr. Goldberg may conduct testing to help determine which foods are best for you. 

2. Do I Need Nutritional Counseling?

Whether you want to lose weight, recover from illness, or improve your overall health, shifting your eating patterns can help. Nutrition counseling does more than address hidden health issues. It can help you understand your unique body systems. You can learn how your body responds to certain foods and which foods can support overall health. 

3. Can a Personalized Approach Benefit Me?

Yes! A personalized approach can provide many benefits. People often feel misunderstood in their current healthcare situation. They know they don’t feel well and medications only bring more side effects. Working with an experienced functional medicine practitioner offers hope for healing. Dr. Goldberg offers the flexibility of virtual healthcare with natural solutions that meet your needs. 

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Experience Better Health Near Alexandria, VA

If you live near Alexandria, Virginia, or the nearby areas, Dr. Goldberg is happy to offer her services. Alexandria is near the Potomac River and is about 7 miles from Washington, D.C. This town has a rich colonial history and is home to many charities and trade organizations. 

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