Nutritional and Diagnostic Testing

Heart Rate Variability Testing (Stress testing):
Heart rate variability (usually known as HRV) is the gold-standard method for assessing the effects of stress on your body. It is measured as the time gap between your heart beats that varies as you breathe in and out. Research evidence increasingly links high HRV to good health and a high level of fitness, whilst decreased HRV is linked to stress, fatigue and even increased mortality. The test is not painful and only requires a few minutes to complete.

Bio-impedance Body Composition testing
Used to determine body fat, muscle, bone density, and cellular hydration. The results give us a good idea of what your “biological age” is and what steps are needed to improve.

Exercise Recovery Testing
Exercise recovery testing puts the body in a state of stress for a short time to determine how well your body recovers from stress. This information is invaluable when determining what type of exercise you should do and whether you are over-training.

Food Sensitivity Testing
There are several tests available to determine if you have a food allergy or sensitivity. Dr. Goldberg will help determine which test is best for your situation and will help develop an eating plan to avoid any foods that cause reactions in your body.

Physical and chemical evaluation of a urine sample, this test can reveal problems with your metabolism, immune system, kidney function, blood sugar, pH balance, and liver/gall bladder function.

Blood Pressure
A good measure of how hard your heart is working to pump blood through your body. High blood pressure can be caused by stress, obesity, smoking, thyroid/adrenal disease, kidney disease, salt, birth control pills, and atherosclerosis.

Hormone Testing
Dr. Goldberg can order blood, urine, or saliva hormone testing to assess your stress hormones (cortisol and DHEA), estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Blood testing can also be ordered to assess thyroid function. Dr. Goldberg does not prescribe hormone replacement but can develop individualized protocols to help balance your hormone issues naturally.

Hair Analysis
Hair analysis can measure your levels of important nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and trace minerals while also identifying toxic levels of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum.

Blood testing
Dr. Goldberg does not participate with insurance but is part of a physician’s co-op that offers major discounts on blood testing. She can order routine bloodwork to look at your red/white blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets, glucose, protein, cholesterol, liver enzymes, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, and may suggest special tests to determine your thyroid function, inflammation level, heart disease risk, etc.